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Sales dropped 20%! | Dell announces layoffs - US PC giant


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International Electronics Business News on the 26th local time on Monday, US PC giant Dell Technology Group said that as part of a broader cost reduction plan, the company will lay off employees.

According to Reuters, Dell said in a filing on Monday that the layoffs are part of a broader cost-cutting plan that includes limiting external hiring and employee restructuring, but did not disclose the scope or specific number of layoffs.

As of February 2, 2024, the American PC giant employed nearly 120,000 people.

The layoffs follow nearly two years of sluggish demand for PCs, in part due to an 11% drop in fourth-quarter earnings reported last month.

While Dell warned of near-term challenges, the company expects demand to improve and the pricing environment to be more competitive in fiscal 2025.

However, the company expects input costs to rise, adding that "net income from our other businesses may continue to decrease due to changes in our commercial relationship with VMware."

Dell bought back its stake in software maker VMware, paving the way for its return to the market in 2018. Chipmaker Broadcom completed its $69 billion acquisition of VMware last year.

Last month, Dell (China) Co., Ltd. underwent industrial and commercial changes. Zhang Yaohua resigned as legal representative, chairman, and general manager, and was replaced by Dongmei Wu. In addition, Dell Services (China) Co., Ltd. announced a new cancellation filing announcement, triggering Industry speculation. Dell responded that the above-mentioned industrial and commercial information adjustments are normal company behavior and will not have any impact on Dell's operations in China.

The American PC giant's last major layoffs occurred in 2023. Last year, Dell cut 6,650 jobs in response to a potential recession and falling demand for personal computers. The layoffs affect approximately 5% of Dell's global workforce.

However, the downturn in the PC market seems to have passed.

Market research agency Canalys predicts in its latest report that China's PC (personal computer) (excluding tablet computers) market will rebound in 2024, with a year-on-year growth of 3% and 10% in 2025. This is mainly due to the growth of the commercial market. Replacement requirements.

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